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Service & Parts

Texas has always been proud of the Quality of their After Sales Service and their commitment to customers. This has enabled their business to grow enormously.
In India, we are creating a comprehensive back-up system to ensure that the customer is insulated from the frustrations associated with breakdowns and the inability to attend to critical timely agricultural processes. ..... Cultivating, Power Weeding, Crop reaping and Harvesting.

To support our customers we provide the following:
  • A kit of Fast Moving Parts (at discounted prices) at the time of purchasing their machines.
  • We provide them with a supervised assembly of their machine at their place of work.
  • 1 FREE service within 30 days of purchasing their first machine.
1 year warranty as specified in the Warranty card.
Authorised Service Centres

Texas has already inaugurated a number of Authorised Service Centres to support customer concentrations. This process will continue as the business develops.

Spare Parts

All our ‘Authorised Service Centres’ are fully stocked with Spares. Your Warranty card identifies the contact details of your nominated Centre. Please contact them for Spare Parts OR CALL CUSTOMER SERVICES

Mobile Services And Camps

Texas is building up a fleet of vehicles to support Mobile services and hold scheduled camps across all States as they develop. The vehicles are fully equipped with generators, air compressors and spare parts including a service motor cycle to support remote area clients.

Camps will be organised to support busy seasons across each State in order to ensure that farmersare ready will fully serviced machines.