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Multi Tool Brush Cutter



  • This brush cutter being a two stroke engine delivering more power can be used for multipurpose operations.
  • This machine ca be used as paddy harvester for small land holdings with attachments crop collector and TCT blades.
  • This machine can be used for weeding small grass and bushes with the help of NYLON head
  • This machines also comes with an attachment of POLE PRUNNER for cutting small branches of trees.
  • This machines also comes with hedge trimmer as an attachment for cutting hedges and solitary shrubs or bushes
  • This machine can be used for weeding small grass and bushes with the help of NYLON head
  • This machine can be used for weeding heavy weeds with the attachment weeder.It can clear of weeds for one feet in one run.
  • Under normal operating conditions the average cons. is approximately 1 Litre per hour.

Technical Specifications

  • Make & Model :- TEXAS ALLIGATOR 6DP
  • Engine Make & Model :- TEXAS TD600
  • Engine Type :- Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Diesel-Direct Injecon
  • Rated Power :- 5hp/3600 rpm
  • Gear :- 2 F + 1 R
  • Working Width :- 75cm - 105cm - (135cm-Oponal)
  • Working Depth :- 12- 20 cm
  • Rotor Speed :- Low 87rpm , High 130 rpm
  • Weight :- 110Kg
  • Start :- Recoil (Electric-Oponal)
  • Oponal Accessories :- Ridger, Single Plough, Deep Rotary, Planer,Iron Wheel, Paddy wheel, Water Pump,High Pressure Sprayer, Culvator, Trailer, Anwrap blades & Seed Drill


  • 40T Circular TCT Blade
  • Trimmer Head
  • Cultivator/Weeder
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Pole Prunner
  • 3T Blade

Fast Moving Parts

  • Spark Plug :- 2
  • Air Filter :- 2


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